Snap founder Barb Prindle worked for several years in corporate advertising departments and agencies. As a writer, she learned to quickly distill down the story of a company to its most compelling elements. Crafting TV ads, national print campaigns and the like, she discovered that the fundamentals of branding never changed: First, find the compelling story. Second, tell it consistently and well.

Barb also learned several important lessons on how easy it is for companies to make epic marketing mistakes and spend many, many dollars doing it. She founded Snap in Minneapolis in 2004.

Snap*(py) Credo

  1. DO IT RIGHT. From the start. We promise this will save you money in the long run. Get your core messaging and online and offline strategy in order before you write or design anything. Invest in branding, great design and content that will have some staying power.

  2. WORK SMART. Services need to be integrated from the get-go. This takes experience and communication. Make sure anyone who touches your online and offline branding knows their stuff.

  3. IF YOU DON’T GET IT, DON’T DO IT. Be sure your creative team is advocating for you, not confusing you. If it feels like you don’t understand what’s going on, ask questions! If you’re getting month after month of analytics charts and tables that are overwhelming you without providing a clear picture, stop the madness! You have a right to understand what’s going on and what you’re paying for.

  4. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Direct communication is the key. You’ll be talking directly to the creative team, and skipping the game of telephone between client, account manager, assistant account manager and designer. Snap is highly selective about the number of clients we take. This is so we can devote our heart, soul, communication and time accordingly. No-frills creative also saves you money.

  5. EVERY BUSINESS CAN HELP CHANGE THE WORLD. Marketing communications has a huge impact on the world, and we take that responsibility seriously. Snap is committed to using diversity in marketing images and avoids clients that contribute to efforts that set this country back. We also work only with eco-friendly print vendors, and donate pro bono services to worthy businesses and non-profits.

Snap* Services

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Logos, “taglines”, naming, core messaging and design.

Web Design

Web Design

All web work is integrated with SEO and business goals.

Print Design

Magazine ads, brochures, mailers, billboards — we’ve done it all!


Snap has produced product demonstrations, branding videos, and fun animations let’s talk.

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Snap handles organic search engine optimization as part of web design. We can also build your paid search/Google ads campaign from the ground up. Ask us more. 

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Stuff we don't do

We’re not a PR firm, but can work with yours to integrate marketing.