Owl Optical turns heads

There’s a new place in town for frame fashionistas (and fashionistos) and it’s nested right in the heart of Linden Hills. Owl Optical was hatched by lovebirds Chris and Julie Hansen, two people literally brought together by a thing for glasses. They met when Julie “helped him pick out his frames” (ok, she literally helped him find frames) at a glasses shop many moons ago. Flash forward a few years and they’re hitched, have two fledglings of their own and just popped the champagne at Owl’s grand opening. I got to do the writing for le website, and it was one of those fantastic projects where they give you complete creative reign, shower you with compliments, put the copy up exactly as written and everyone is thrilled. Plus I got to use words like “fabulous” and other fashion lexicon. Fabulous!

The best place for peepers.

Picture 4 Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine picked up a press release that we did and next thing you know Chris and Julie are getting ready for their close-ups in the Best of Issue. The reporter who grabbed the press release got interested, decided to do a story, and the magazine gave them the nod for Best Optical Shop. That’s the power of the written word, folks!

This couple is the real deal, a hard-working pair that has a freakish zeal for fashion and an adorable glasses fetish. They’re also very concerned with the astounding markup that most glasses shops have and are trying to make super stylishness available to regular people who have every right to look smokin’ hot without taking out a second mortgage. Give them some love and some biz if you’re lucky enough to need glasses.

In other news, people from Turkey are awesome. I just completed a site for a medical outcomes research company called KareOutcomes and was blown away by this client. I won’t go into details but trust me, it taught me a lot about the ways of doing business that Americans take for granted and opened my eyes to the importance and value of discovering other ways of negotiating the world. Find someone from Turkey and do some work together, that’s my advice for the day!