The Clients that Make the Magic

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  • American Diabetes Association
  • Bjorling & Grant
  • Corel Software
  • Cub Foods
  • DC Group
  • D.E.B.T Financial
  • Denhardt Solutions
  • DTA Associates
  • Filament Lighting
  • Ecolab
  • EDCO Products, Inc.
  • Full Circle International
  • Globe University
  • Gopher Sport
  • KareOutcomes
  • Kelle Company
  • Leapfrog and Associates
  • Local MN
  • Martinez & Kaschins
  • Minnesota Minority Junior Golf Association
  • Mortgage Works
  • Owl Optical
  • Project Management Institute
  • Reside L.L.C.
  • Sweet Potato Comfort Pie
  • Sync Sisters
  • Target
  • The Mix Creative
  • TenX Systems
  • Undertone Music
  • Verified Credentials

Aw, Shucks

  • Joanna GagliardiVice President of National Accounts, DC Group

    Barb came in to define and develop our company’s branding several years ago. Her work with words, images, video and print work is essential, and seen at every touch-point with the company. It’s in the halls of our headquarters, in our overhauled website, in our digital ad presence, our social media, and every marketing piece, trade show booth and more. Her branding instincts have been flawless as we’ve developed new software and sub-brands. She has been essential to a strong, memorable client experience as people come into contact with our company, and tremendously important to our growth and success through the years.

  • Kevin Campbell,CEO, DTA Associates

    Barb was great to work with on our branding, logo and website redesign. Our website is vastly improved in terms of information, look and feel, and speed. We look forward to working with her again soon!

  • Todd Pearsall,Owner, Filament Lighting

    Barb can take a foreign subject like SEO and make it interesting and understandable for a non-tech person like myself. When you think it is all figured out, she digs three steps further to perfect her work. Snap took my online performance from nothing to very busy, we are growing every day!

  • Dawn Gendron,Target Studios

    Barb has the experience necessary to read between the lines and she is always looking beyond the obvious and thinking about ways we can improve upon the communication. Barb is a top writer for one of our Fortune 500 accounts. She has their voice and copy tone down to an art. Barb has never disappointed, I have called on her to attend client meetings or turn around copy with impossible deadlines. We’ve also had many situations with difficult clients that are hard to please. Despite that, Barb is always great to work with with! I highly recommend Barb and her work.

  • Chris Hansen,Owner, Owl Optical

    Barb was instrumental in helping us build our brand when we opened shop. Her press release about the store was picked up by the Minneapolis St. Paul magazine and as a result they did a feature article and then decided to give us their top honor for Best Optical Store. Her print ad campaign was fresh and unique – very hard to do these days of ad saturation. Barb’s work gets you noticed.

  • Claudia Perrone,Target Studios

    I’ve worked with Barb on a variety of creative projects for clients including Target Corporation – whether it’s quick turn or long-term, she jumps in and “gets” the client and the scope of work, is highly motivated and delivers on time and all with a positive attitude. Her work is brilliant, I’d recommend Barb every time.

  • Nancy WongCommunications Manager,
    Asian Women United of MN

    I was most impressed with Barb’s level of sensitivity and concern for those whom we serve, women and children victimized by domestic violence, and how that was reflected in her writing. Her ability to explain aspects of abuse and domestic violence that is accessible, language-wise and tone-wise, to a diverse audience was exactly what our web project required. Barb is professional and personal – a great combination for authentic success!

  • Debbie Simmons,President, Kelle Company

    You really saved us this year and I greatly appreciate your talent and your willingness to put in the extra time and effort to get us to where we needed to be. You are very talented and we are lucky to be able to work with you! I just forwarded the letters to our VP. She LOVED the letters. She said the letter going in the catalog is the best we have ever had, the most meaningful and could very well be the catalyst for our brand DNA project. She can’t wait to share them with our leadership team because they capture the Kelle essence so well. I just wanted to let you know because your work is helping us to craft who we are. That has been so hard for us to find.

  • Dave Netten,Owner, Affordamac

    I’ve been working with Snap Communications for over a year on a project that involved launching a new brand and business. Barb was able to quickly align the copy style with the brand vision and voice and really put the final polish on all the collateral that was produced as a result. She performed all the necessary research to provide accurate and up-to-date copy and the turnaround time always exceeded my expectations. I will continue to work with Snap – the service provided has been well worth the fee. I would highly recommend Snap’s services.

  • Karen McKay,Owner, Sync Sisters

    I have three words for you – you nailed it! We couldn’t be more happy.

  • Peg Tuttle,Owner, Tuttle House Gardens

    I love the copy! I start to cry when I read it!

  • Nan DeMarsBest-selling Author of
    "You Want Me To Do What? When/Where
    & How to Draw the Line at Work."

    Barb is just terrific. I hired her to literally clean up and make sense of a few articles and book chapters I was writing. She listens, grasps what you are trying to convey – literally climbs “into your head” – and just plains nails it! And all that without even having a deep knowledge of the subject you throw at her. By the time her project is finished, she KNOWS the topic through and through and sounds like an expert. I highly recommend Barb Prindle for any project where you need creative assistance. You will never be sorry. I would (and will) hire her again in a skinny minute!

  • Cihan Behlivan,CEO, KareOutcomes Inc.

    Barb rocks. She defined our company better than all of us in a very short period of time. We will continue to use her services in the future and we recommend her to anyone.

  • Cecily Sommers,Author, Futurist

    Barb worked on materials for the PUSH conference for three years, helping to bring my big, ranging ideas down to memorable copy. She was a joy to work with, a collaborator of the first order, and produced excellent work again and again. Barb is sensitive to the needs of each medium, whether websites, books, reports, articles, or ads. She’s the best – I can’t recommend her highly enough!

  • Katrina Hase,Owner, The Mix Creative

    Two people have already commented positively to me about the copywriting, especially the headlines throughout the site. I’ve NEVER been complimented on the copywriting of a site before (even when I’ve used professionals to write the content). I think that speaks volumes to your ability and contribution to the site.

  • Lynndene WayCo-founder, Chaplains Caring for Companies

    You have a real gift! Your service to me and for me, has blessed me in ways you cannot imagine.

  • Yvonne Kinney-HockertSpeaker, Author, Consultant

    Barb has a knack for listening to her clients and then providing a product that hits the target. She is such a true pleasure to work with and is very timely in responding to requests. I ALWAYS feel as though I have received her most original work, and that adds greatly to my brand and image.

  • Chere Bork,Media Spokesperson & Wellness Coach

    Stuck! I was stuck for years wanting to rewrite my website. I collected probably two feet of papers. STUCK! Then Barb came into my life. Barb took my pages and pages and understood exactly what I meant and simmered it down into words to say exactly what I do. She created a warm professional feeling – just what I wanted! She is kind, warm and generous to work with. I tell everyone about Barb Prindle! If she can “unstuck me” she can also do wonders for you!

  • Julie Hansen,Owner, Owl Optical

    You are a total rock star! Love it. You should be told you are a rock star every day.